Friday, January 16, 2009

New Beers 1/15/09!

This week, we have received a shipment containing several exciting brews!

Southern Tier Choklat (11% Imperial Stout brewed with cocoa)
-This beer is as rich as they come. Can be consumed with or as dessert, hold its own against spicy Mexican fare, or take the place of a meal altogether!
-$9.49 22oz bottle

Southern Tier Gemini (10.5% blended Imperial IPA/Pale Ale)
-A hop-lover's dream come true! Light yeast sediment adds enough fruity character to help this beer attain the perfect balance between hop intensity and malt structure.
-An unfiltered 50%/50% blend of Southern Tier's popular Unearthly IPA (11%) and Hoppe Extra Pale Ale (10%).
-$9.49 22oz bottle

Victory Old Horizontal (11% Barleywine-Style Ale)
-Back to Albany by popular demand, this Barleywine cult-classic packs a powerful, mellow punch!
-Drink slowly by the fire, under the covers with a Labrador and a book, or as an accompaniment to beef stew or Shepherd's Pie. Scotch and Bourbon lovers can relate to the smooth, mellow myriad of complexity in this ale.
-$14.49 6 pack

Allagash Black (7.5% Belgian-Inspired Imperial Stout)
-When you marry the otherworldly qualities of your favorite quirky Belgian ale to the roasty-toasty goodness of an American Imperial Stout, the result is Allagash Black: The James Bond of Dark Beer.
-Each sip is part of the journey; witness this beer transform as it grows warmer in your goblet. A true masterpiece of malt to be discovered and experienced with patience by those who notice everything.
-$13.99 25.4oz corked bottle

Allagash Four Ale (10% Belgian-Style Quadrupel)
-Four malts, four hop varieties, and four fermentations (the final one in-bottle) make this the great-great-grandfather of American Quad interpretations.
-Prepare for intensity, as the fierce pop of the cork is an indicator of the stratification of flavor you are about to behold.
-Look for black pepper, juicy-ripe plums, dark candi sugar, a little bit of Tootsie Roll, and a wine-like warmth of booze on the tail end. What a beer.
-$13.49 25.4oz corked bottle.

Flying Dog Wild Dog: Dog-Schwarz (7.5% Smoked Double Lager)
-A smooth, peaty beauty. Even more proof of two things: lagers are not boring, and smoke is a wonderful addition to the flavors of beer.
-The follow-up to the last Wild Dog, a Doppelbock whose recipe was crafted by the fans and drinkers of the Flying Dog Brewery.
-$19.99 25.4oz corked bottle.

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