Thursday, April 1, 2010

Check out our new website!

We keep an updated list of promotions and sales, events and tastings, and (if we can keep up with how fast our growlers move!) a list of what's on tap at either store!

The Brew Crew


Anton said...

Love the new website, and the little bit of history that comes along with. This site is considerably more user-friendly than the old site, by the way. Kudos.

Rob said...

Totally love the website and your offerings. Question if I can...what type of coupler do I need if I'm going to buy Dog Fishhead Indian Brown Ale kegs from you guys?

TurboChill said...

Your site is really cool! I love all the pictures of you guys in the banner! Have you ever thought about using a TurboChill? I think you guys would love it! Check it out at!